Welcome to Church of Burn

Perhaps it's better to ask 'Why wouldn't you burn money?'

After all, if obeying money is wrong as Archbishop Welby says, why is there such a taboo against destroying it? From birth to death money directs the material conditions of our lives. Shouldn't we show it who's boss once in a while?

People who've come across Church of Burn online have told us we're 'disgusting', 'wrong' and 'evil'. One US Christian Conservative is praying for our souls. That's just a small selection by the way.

On the other hand people who've actually experienced our events say they're 'amazing', 'authentic' and 'transformative'. That too, is just a small selection.

To find out more read our mission statement

Church of Burn's Festival of Money is happening at The Cockpit, Marylebone, London from the 22nd to the 25th July 2021. 

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Otherwise, please feel free to browse our shop while you're here. Buy a Tee and tell the world you're going to disobey. All sales help support Church of Burn and fund our events. 


Church of Burn is not affiliated with the Anglican Church or any other religious organisation. Our Events are 18+ only. Some sexual content.