Think money burning is a bad thing?

MBG - a money burner for 15 years - gives you 15 reasons why burning money is a good thing and tells you how the world would be a better place if we all burned some money every once in a while. 


We get a lot of people clicking through from our social media adverts to land on this page. Of those only a small proportion will watch to the end of MBG's video. If you are one of them and you can understand why Church of Burn thinks burning our money is so important, then please support us.

We don't need everyone burning their money to bring about real change. We just need enough to 'break the spell' of money; a spell that we cast through our current relationship with money. 

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Still mad about this? Still think it's wrong?

Here's a question for you... Is your anger caused by your compassion for those in need, or is it caused by your love of money? Because if it really is the former - if you are cross with us because there are literally people starving to death through lack of money - then ask yourself why you don't feel the same about all non-essential spending. Most especially your own.