1pm FRI 23rd July - Social Dreaming Matrix - Movement in Dream - in Studio One (90 mins)

1pm FRI 23rd July - Social Dreaming Matrix - Movement in Dream - in Studio One (90 mins)

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1.00pm Social Dreaming Matrix - Movement in Dream -  in Studio One (90 mins) REGISTRATION REQUIRED

Myra Stuart and Kate Alderton are delighted to invite you to a very special in person Social Dreaming Matrix 

Together we’ll share dreams and associations, looking at where our dreams connect and link to each other, creating patterns of meaning. Afterwards we’ll spend time in a movement-based practice, exploring movements that emerge from our collective dreams, and weaving them together into a simple sequence of movements.

We're delighted to have Carmine De Amicis from Edifice Dance participate with us in the Matrix. Carmine will take the patterns meaning we uncover to inspire a performance which he will deliver in Sunday's Poetics and Movements of Money Session.

Exploring themes of climate and the dynamics of money, we’ll look how the natural world might be speaking to us through language of dreams and invite its voice from deep within the dreaming into our physical bodies through movement.

2.00pm Sense Making 30 mins

2.30pm END TIME 

This SDM is free but as spaces are limited we are charging you a £5 deposit to guard against 'no shows'. Once we've ticked you off when you arrive we can process a refund, or you can use the £5 against a purchase from the merchandise stall, or you can choose to donate the £5 to help cover the costs of the Festival of Money.