David Graeber at Church of Burn

In 2019 CoB were delighted to welcome David and his wife Nika Dubrovsky. David had agreed to take part in our Synod. He offered the insight that burning money 'was a disenchantment - the breaking of a spell' and captivated the congregation with his wisdom, warmth and kindness. 

We were all heartbroken when we read Nika's message about David's untimely death on 2nd September 2020. CoB teamed up with Nutopia and The Cockpit to pay tribute to David as part of the worldwide #Carnival4David that Nika and her friends organised on 7th October 2020.  

Nutopian Carnival for David Graeber from The Cockpit on Vimeo.

We hope to welcome Nika back to Church of Burn in 2021 and extend our love and strength to her and to everyone else who shares our profound sense of loss at David's passing. RIP. 

Nika meets Melusine (Carrie Thompson)