Our Mission

Church of Burn (CoB) organises money burning events. 

CoB believe that a pure and potent form of sacrifice can be found within money burning. The act is both symbolic and real. Money makes an ideal sacrament and its unique qualities allow ritual participants to be both sacrificer and sacrificee

CoB's events offer individuals an opportunity to engage in an intimate and playful conversation with their economic cosmology. Participants have told us they find our rituals moving, liberating and authentic. There is never any requirement for a member of our congregation to burn their money. 

CoB is not 'anti capitalist' per se. However, we think that capitalism is 'anti money burning'. Although (in the UK) money burning is legal, it is very taboo. Our events have both charitable and capitalist elements - we donate some proceeds to charity and we fund ourselves through ticket and merchandise sales. However, we insist on the right to destroy our own currency and argue that the exercise of this action is essential if we are to make the world differently. 

CoB are committed to the idea that the performance of money burning as a new form of Sacrificial Ritual and its assimilation into the modern world has profound transformative potential.

Church of Burn

March 2021