Our Mission

Church of the Cosmic Burn (CoCB) is an evangelical organisation which works to immanentize Total Burn. Total Burn is that point in time when the destruction of currency becomes humankind's primary form of Sacrificial Ritual.

For two thousand years the dominant archetype of Sacrificial Ritual, the purest form to which sacrifice aspires, has been of the Son, by the Father. This is seen as the ultimate sacrifice which can be made without killing oneself - the most powerful representation of the most complete annihilation of one’s sovereignty that we've been able to imagine, thus far.

CoCB believes that a pure, potent and powerful form of sacrifice can be found within the taboo of money burning and other forms of currency destruction. The act is both symbolic and real. It allows one to be both sacrificier and victim, both Father and Son. It dissolves the power and gender relations of old, and does not require the death of any living creature. It is not a ritual of exchange, but rather one of pure forgiveness; where one gives without expectation of return.

CoCB regards humanity's problems as fundamentally spiritual and we see political and economic turmoil as symptoms of this. The propensity to sacrifice inheres within what it is to be human and sits at the very foundation of our social life. Civilization was born, and is reborn, through sacrifice.

The sacrifice demanded by war is presented to us as 'the price we pay for freedom' - which is itself priceless. It is by this necessary paradox (or senseless contradiction), that the sacrifices of war are justified. Religious ceremonies anchor the world to ancient acts of sacrifice which, we are told, were instigated by God as an expression of his love for us. By this sleight-of-hand, religion subordinates the act of sacrifice to the power of its God. In the secular world, charitable giving, as a form of 'sacrificial spending', is venerated as the most moral of economic actions. Charity then becomes the justification for the brutal, exploitative and unforgiving ways in which our material relations are coordinated under capitalism.

War, religion and charity are the means by which we feed our hunger for sacrifice. A new form of Sacrificial Ritual is needed - one that is less vulnerable to the power of politics and self-interest. The best bulwark against these profane powers, who use sacrifice as a means for their own ends, is an individual sacrifice freely made, performed in a collective ritual, and which exists in a different sphere to our common notions of exchange. Through such actions we discover that which is sacred to us. 

CoCB offers precisely this mix of the individual and collective in its Ritual Mass Burns. The act of money burning itself serves to reveal and counterpoint the dominance of financial and economic logic over our modes of thinking. We make no claims to transcendence, fulfillment, or enlightenment; although we do try to create a ritual environment rich with potential. Being money burners, we know better than most, that true sacrament cannot be bought with money spent, or delivered through promises. And we also understand that meaning comes from doing in mysterious ways; knowledge of Sacrificial Ritual is always incomplete. 

CoCB are committed to the idea that the performance of money burning as a new form of Sacrificial Ritual, and its assimilation into our modern world, has transformative potential that can open up new possibilities about what we may become.

Church of the Cosmic Burn

December 2018




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